Monday, June 21, 2010

Does anyone use dermalogica or ';clean start'; dermalogica products?

Hi! I just got engaged and want to start focusing on making my skin tone even and acne free. I don't have a lot of acne but I have small dots which I assume are white heads and maybe three or four larger acne pimples. I would say my acne is mild but my face is very red all the time. I just want to walk down the aisle looking my best. I am getting married in a year and a half so I really have time to make my face shine and look the best!!

My questions are:

1. Have any of you used dermalogica? What were the benefits to using their products?

2. Has anyone used the new ';clean start'; dermalogica?

3. Last but not least, THANKS! for helping me!!Does anyone use dermalogica or ';clean start'; dermalogica products?
Hi Kris,

Dermalogica products are the best skin products around.

I would definitley reccomend any Dermologica products because they are very good and beauticians especially use them because there brilliant for the skin.

If you don't find that Dermologica is working for your skin type, then go to the doctor and they will prescribe you with some cream that is strong enough to get rid of your acne in 2 - 3 days. Also, when I mean clear it up it really does go and so quickly.

Why is Dermalogica so Expensive?

I want to find a good facial cleansing system, but I don't want to be ripped off by over hyped products. I heard Dermalogica is one of the best but the price is ridiculous. Are these companies just being exclusive and ripping off consumers? Is there cheaper products that have the same basic ingredients and effects?Why is Dermalogica so Expensive?
Try Arbonne it is pure safe and benificial! It is a botanically based skincare line.

Go to

When you sign up you get a 35% discount on all products and there is a 45 day money back!!Why is Dermalogica so Expensive?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is dermalogica a good acne cleanser?

So just bought dermalogica facial acne clearing cleanser and i was just wondering how well it works. For that price i hope it does a good job! haha. Also while u are answering my question ill just ask another while im at it! haha. SO im 15 and i had realllllly bad skin about a year and a half ago but then after i got my period it went away and i had some acne but almost nothing, but recently for about the last 3 months my acne has gotten a lot worse and i dont understand why since it went away why it would just randomly come back! any ideas?Is dermalogica a good acne cleanser?
Yes, but try considering DermitageIs dermalogica a good acne cleanser?
try to use neutrogena

Is dermalogica good for spotty skin?

I have typical teenage skin. Oily, spotty, blackheads. I don't have any dry patches but I am very prone to breakouts, especially on my forehead and chin. I recently went for a facial and they use dermalogica products. She recommended a few things, like the acne prone skin kit. It contains anti-bac skin wash, oil control lotion, medicated clearing gel and a toner. Has anyone used any of these products or used the kit? Did it work for you? I'm not bothered by it drying up my skin because it never drys up. It is also not at all sensitive. Thanks!Is dermalogica good for spotty skin?
Hi, I started using this kit a couple of months ago - I'm 33 and have suffered with acne at varying degrees since I was 10, and dermologica seemed like a good product becasue it is meant to be good for sensitive skin. It cleared up, then I had the most horrendous breakout and I stopped using it. The past few weeks I've been using Pears soap, the moisturiser from the Dermalogica kit mixed with E45, non-acnegenic make up and my skin is much better. Oh yes, I didn't find dermalogica dried my skin up at all so its a good option from that point.

Dermologica is horrendously expensive but I got mine fro jersey cosmetics company on line, much cheaper!!

so maybe give the kit a go, the products are nice but certainly didn't cure me.Is dermalogica good for spotty skin?
Sorry, got the website wrong, its jersey beauty company good luck Report Abuse


I work in a salon which sells Dermilogica which i also i use.

Dermilogica is well known product which has a good reputation. Im familiar with all the products you have listed and they have i think done the right thing with reccomending them as they are for acne skin.

i see they havent recommended a moisturizer you dont want to use too much of the oil control lotion and only use it only on the oily prone skin i would say get the active moist moisturizer also and drop the toner and maybe get the daily microfoliant exfoliator to help unblock the skin.

Do you wear lots of make up if so try pre cleanse its awsome gets rid of makeup in a flash and it does remove water proof mascara. It is expensive maybe only buy one thing at once.

Or if your desparate go to the doctor and get some cream for your skin to dry it up but again only use it on the oily parts dont be tempted to rub it everywhere.

Have you seen a dermatologist? I know what you are going through. I began suffering with Acne at age 23 and since I work in a salon we tried everything as far as facials and the expensive Sonya Dakar products that we sell. Nothing seems to get rid of it. I ended up having to make an appointment with a dermatologist and it ended up that my acne was caused by my hormones so I had to take medication. Be careful if they do extractions on your face during the facial because I know since I waited so long and tried everything in the salon before going to the dermatologist I am suffering with scarring now.
I use Clinique 3 step, cheaper than Dermologica but still expensive. Givew that a try (you can get a smaller version from Clinique counter for 拢22!).. Should last a few months, if your happy buy the big stuff or try Demalogica.

My mate told me about this yesterday, concidence! She has really clear skin, amazingly clear and I thought she was just lucky but now I know her secret!

If Clinique does not work out I'm going to try that out next.. Though it is doing a really good job at exfoliating deep into the pores and I can see the changes alrady!

Just go on the Clinique site and take the test, see what skin type you are, go to Debenhams or somwhere bigg in London and find a Clinique counter and ask for a Skin Type (whatever number) small pack 3-step skin care.

Good luck x
I used Dermalogica, it is very expensive and only slightly better than Neutrogena...

Which tinted moisturizer would you recommend? Dermalogica, Laura Mercier, MAC etc.?

My skin is combination and I occassionally get hormonal blemishes but nothing too serious - I do not have acne. I'm just looking for something to even out my skin tone that I can wear every day.

Brands I've been looking at; Dermalogica, Laura Mercier, MAC, MD Skincare, Philosophy, Stila ... or anything else you would recommend.

Price isn't a huge concern - I'm more basing my choice on quality. It needs to be oil-free as I plan to wear it every day and can't have it blocking my pores, SPF protection and no pink undertones as I am Italian/Spanish mix British so I'm pale but olive. I would prefer yellow/olive undertones.

Who's tried what? Which would you recommend for me?

Thanks =)Which tinted moisturizer would you recommend? Dermalogica, Laura Mercier, MAC etc.?
Dermalogica is really good, the only problem is that it only has 3 different color tones. If MAC makes one I would try that first because they more likely have your skin color tone.Which tinted moisturizer would you recommend? Dermalogica, Laura Mercier, MAC etc.?
MAC is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i use laura mercier and i love it!

and it also has spf in it which is also great.

i usually only use it on special occasions because of the cost,

but i wish i could wear it all the time! it's great.
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Try MD Skincare moisturizer. It works great and is $44. It has SPF 15 and vitamin C!鈥?/a>
Niviea tinted moisturiser is great! it leaves a really nice scent too.
  • healthy hair
  • Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?

    Which is better for Acne Prone skin?

    Which provides better coverage?(foundation type)?

    Which is more lasting and non oily?

    Thanks!Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?
    dermalogica is better and worth the extra money. go to your beauty salon that uses dermalogica products and ask for a skin assesment. you should always heve your skin analysed by a professional befor switching products. they will tell you what works for your skin type and reccomend products to help you improove the condition of your skin. if you experience a few problems with your skin after you begin using an new product, stick with it. it just takes a little while for your skin to become used to it.Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?
    Dermalogica better. But i do want to find one for myself but i dont know just i ever used when i go for facial.
    I'd say Dermalogica, love their products.

    Is using a dermalogica cleanser on its own enough?

    Basically, a couple of years ago i bought the small travel pack of dermalogica with the cleanser, toner, scrub and moisturizer and it worked really well. since then however, i haven't bought it again and am planning on buying it this week but was only thinking of buying the cleanser because i dont usually use a toner and the moisturiser i have at the moment works really well for me.

    i was just wondering whether using the cleanser alone would work good. im also 16, so spending a fortune on skincare isnt really ideal lol. another reason for just getting the cleanser.

    Thanks!Is using a dermalogica cleanser on its own enough?
    the cleanser alone will work just fine. toner is good but not always a necessity. and if your moisturizer works well, then no need to change it. but you should consider getting the exfoliant as well since that is key to good skin care as well.

    dermalogica did just release a teen line as well that looks really good. you may want to check into that as well.

    hope this works!
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